Friday, 6 April 2018

Toro Nagashi

The tradition I chose to do my presentation on is Toro Nagashi which is a Traditional Japanese Ceremony. I chose to research on this tradition is because Japan is a country that I know nothing about and I thought that researching about a Japanese tradition would help me learn much more.

Some interesting aspects about this ceremony/tradition is that they actually use a special type of paper to make the lanterns that they put in the water. Another interesting fact is that the ceremony is actually held on the final night of the Bon festival which is another Japanese tradition/celebration.

Last week I had to present my work to the class. While I was presenting I felt confident but I know I could have done better. I feel I could improve in providing more information in my slides and having more eye contact with the audience. There were some positive aspects during my presentation such as the volume of my voice. I felt like I spoke clear and confidently.

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