Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Role of Parliament

There are three main jobs for the parliament. One of the jobs is to make new laws and make amendments to the previous law. The last main job for the parliament to do is decide how tax money should be spent. If I were a member of parliament I would spend the tax money to help the homeless people, the people that are struggling financially and students that cannot afford to go to school. I would choose to use the money on these three things because I do not like seeing people go through tough times and I dislike seeing people struggle. If the parliament chose to spend their money on these things then I believe it will be very helpful to the community and it will be really beneficial for many people.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Plastic Bag Ban

Today I read an article on the Government decision to ban plastic but the leader of the National party (Simon Bridges) thinks that it'll be a waste of time and will make no difference at all and Jacinda Ardern the leader of the Labour party and also the Prime Minister of New Zealand agrees that it will make a difference and it will make the country a lot cleaner and better. I personally disagree that banning plastic bags will make anything better because if people want to go to the supermarket they would have to take school bags or just hold their groceries in their hands because the store would have no plastic bags to provide. Jacinda Ardern believes that banning plastic bags would be safer for the environment and the animals but even without plastic bags people in the local community can still litter and throw their rubbish all over the ground and in the gutters or even through drains. I believe that the government is looking to make this happen but the impact it will have on the people of New Zealand is stuff like banning plastic bags will make it harder to carry multiple things around at once not only in a supermarket but around any store or maybe around in public.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Russian Migrants

Today me and my partner Kauri presented our migrant inquiry presentation on Russian immigrants and I feel like we presented well and it actually went better then I thought. There were a few things that we could've improved on such as eye contact with audience, more information, etc. Overall I think presenting to the class wasn't very challenging but there were some parts that I struggled with like speaking without laughing and also listening to other presentations.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Migration Model/paragraph

Many people are migrating from Tokelau to New Zealand and not much of them are wanting to go back to their home. There are multiple push and pull reasons on why people want to stay in New Zealand. The push reasons are the negative reasons that cause people to leave their home or their country and the pull reasons are the positive reasons that force people out of their home country. There are two different flows, in this migration model the mainstream flow is bigger because there are more people migrating from Tokelau to New Zealand. The counter stream flow is thinner because not many people are moving back to Tokelau. Most people move to New Zealand for a better education or a better life in general. Then there’s some people who move to New Zealand because of the weather or maybe some people like the food in New Zealand and they don’t really like Island or the Tokelauan food in particular.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tokelau in 20 years time

                                                            TOKELAU IN 2038

                          Predict what the future of Tokelau will be like in 20 years time.

In 20 years time I think there may not be any more land in Tokelau due to all the climate changes happening to all 3 atolls and also rising sea levels. I also think there might be less traditional foods eaten or events because Tokelauan people are starting to only eat imported foods and using more modern ways to gather and collect food. Another possibility that could happen in 20 years time in Tokelau is that they might have modernised houses and cars. They might also have proper lined concrete roads instead of just plain gravel or rocks. In the future they might also become more independent and no longer a part of or teamed up with New Zealand. It is also possible for them to have hovercraft vehicles that get them to different destinations faster. These are all just ideas but maybe in 20 years time Tokelau could still be the same.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A trip to remote Tokelau

                                             A trip to Remote Tokelau

Sitting on a boat, full of excitement and happiness wondering how happy my family would be to see me. I lay down for a while and attempt to take a nap but the excitement was a bit too much for me to sleep. I know my whole family, especially my parents would be very happy to see me after many years I spent studying back in Australia. Getting closer to my village, noticing all the changes and thinking about the even better changes that I can make with all the knowledge that I've gathered from the Australian people.