Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Made in Taiwan Summary

Oscar and Nathan went on a trip to lots of different islands for a lot of reasons but the main reason was to find out where they come from and where the Polynesians originate from. Their Journey was successful for many different reasons, these are some of the reasons why…

They came across many interesting discoveries some of them were related to language, food and even artwork. One of the most interesting discoveries that they came across was the Lapita pottery because it was from about 3000 years ago and they have the same patterns that Samoans and other Polynesian Islands still use till this day. They also discovered that their language was very similar to the Taiwanese language and they also discovered that some of the dances were similar and also their food was similar.

There’s lots of evidence that supports the theory of the Polynesians originated from Asia such as the food being very similar and also the language. But the main evidence has to be the Lapita pottery because it has similar patterns and is from 3000 years ago as I had explained in the last paragraph. Another part of evidence that supports the theory is the traditions and dances that are similar, because they went to Taiwan and saw that their dance or performance was very similar to a Haka.

For me personally, I now believe that Polynesians originated from Asia due to all the similarities and evidence. I think their trip didn’t only help them but it also helped many other people realise their ancestors and where they originate from.

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